Exactly how large is the Deep Web? If the glacier analogy did not make a big enough impact on the imagination, the following statistics should help put the immensity of the Deep Web into perspective.

–  The Deep Web contains 7500 Terabytes of information. The Surface Web, in comparison, contains 19 terabytes  of content.

–  The Deep Web has between 400 and 550 times more public information than the Surface Web.

–  More than 200,000 Deep Web sites currently exist.

–  Together, the 60 largest Deep Web sites contain around 750 terabytes of data, surpassing the size of the entire Surface Web 40 times.

–  The total quality of the Deep Web is 1,000 to 2,000 times greater than the quality of the Surface Web.

–  550 billion individual documents can be found on the Deep Web compared to the Surface Web’s 1 billion individual documents.

–  95% of the Deep Web is publically accessible, meaning no fees or subscriptions.

The Deep Web is only getting bigger – it is the largest growing category of new information on the Internet. The Content page of this WordPress delves into the different kinds of data found on the Deep Web.


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